I was born in 1973 in Vancouver, Canada into an artistic family.

When I was young we moved to Italy for five years where I was first taught to paint with oils, draw with charcoals and pastels and mould wax at a school in Florence. I learned about traditional perspective in drawing as well, which I later rekindled in high school drafting classes.  Also while In Italy, I was taught how to illustrate my writings in my mothers home schooling curriculum.

Many years later, after growing up in Vancouver, I went to college to focus on art in which there was that familiarity. From 1994 to 1998 I attended art school in Sarasota, Florida where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Illustration. At that time I acquired a love for drawing the figure, painting in oils again, visual problem solving and learned many other foundational techniques. 

I now live in Santa Fe, New Mexico and work predominately in two mediums; oils and charcoal, to produce paintings and drawings in my home-based studio. During the past 18 years, both the inspiration of the cultures, colors, light and landscape of my surroundings and the ongoing experimentation with the medium and my expression have driven the artwork. In this time, I have been included and participated in numerous group art exhibitions and several solo exhibitions throughout the United States.